How to clean a scorched iron?


Did you ever wonder how the heck do you clean the scorched bottom of your iron?
Here’s a quick and simply way.
All you need is tablespoons of table salt. Any kind of table salt will do. Turn the iron on the cotton setting. Once the iron heats up, place it on the salt and rub back and forth until the marks disappear.
Turn off the iron, and let it cool down completely, and wipe the bottom plate with a damp cloth.
Simple and easy.

Happy de-cluttering!!!


21 thoughts on “How to clean a scorched iron?

  1. Does this technique work on “Teflon” irons… even though it’s a Teflon-like surface, it’s not sliding well when ironing having a stick-to-clothing effect and not gliding….

    • You can mix warm water and mild dish soap together in a bowl. Dip a rag in the soap mixture and wipe down the irons plate. That will help the telfon plate. Wipe with a clean, damp cloth until all the soap mixture is gone.
      I hope that helps. 🙂

  2. My mother always told me to take an old white candle, and after you heat your iron to the hottest setting (no steam); to rub the candle up and down on the hot iron. Then have a couple of clean paper towels close by and simply iron the paper towels until all the melted wax is gone from the bottom of the iron. Works like charm.

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    • If scorched marks are really bad. Instead of salt, heat up some white vinegar and dip a soft cloth in it. Gently wipe the cloth on the scorched sole plate until the marks are gone. Finish by wiping the bottom of the iron with a cloth damped with clean water.

  4. I use a metal/ hi density areo plastic Boot. They are held on with a bungee cord of metal spring. simple clean up and the best is you can iron dark colors and no shine

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  6. it also works with aspirine, warn it up and carefully scrub it with a tablet of aspirine. Wear a silicon/ cotton glove and pay attention to the steams, have a window wide opened. WIpe after with a smooth wipe or a wet wipe 🙂

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