Benefits of Lime Water for your Health


 Benefits of Lime Water for your Health:

A glass of warm lime water first thing in the morning is surpisingly helpful in several ways.

Here we go:

 Boost Immune System

 Prevent Cancer

 Increase Energy

 Improve digestion

 Balance pH

 Lower Blood Pressure

– Improve Liver Function

 Reduce Oxidative Stress


 Regulate Bowel Movements


 Skin Health

 Eye Health

Bottoms up!!


How to clean a scorched iron?


Did you ever wonder how the heck do you clean the scorched bottom of your iron?
Here’s a quick and simply way.
All you need is tablespoons of table salt. Any kind of table salt will do. Turn the iron on the cotton setting. Once the iron heats up, place it on the salt and rub back and forth until the marks disappear.
Turn off the iron, and let it cool down completely, and wipe the bottom plate with a damp cloth.
Simple and easy.

Happy de-cluttering!!!