Remove rust spots from knives and silverware with Lemon Juice

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Who would have thought that something as simple as lemon juice could get rid of the rust spots on your knives or silverware? All you need to do is soak your knives or silverware in lemon juice for a few minutes and your done. That’s it!

But did you know there are about 20 uses for lemon juice? Here are a few ideas.

Lemon Juice can make your home look and smell good, brighten your hair, improve your hair, nails and skin. Can be use as a sore throat soother, metabolism booster, and yes a hangover helper. Just squeeze a little lemon juice into warm water or tea and drink. Helps balance pH levels in your body and replace the vitamin C lost in the binge.


Here’s another inexpensive idea.

Emergency deodorant

Cut a lemon in half and rub it under your arms for about 5 minutes. The citric acid will kill…

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Cornmeal to remove grease stains…

  Here is a simple household tip: Removing grease stains with cornmeal…
Cornmeal absorbs fresh grease stains on most light colored fabric or upholstery. Any cornmeal brand will do.  Just pour enough on to the soiled greased area and gently work the cornmeal into the fabric or upholstery. Let it sit for 30 – 45 minutes to let the cornmeal absorb the oil. Wash the item as directed and your done.
Now don’t forget to add this to your grocery shopping list.
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